The New CD is Nearly Here!

Hey folks – the new CD “Diamond” is nearly here! Response so far from preview listens has been incredible – general consensus is that this is the BEST CD we’ve ever done. Can’t wait to share it with you! Make sure to sign up on our email list for updates and possible giveaways!

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2 Responses to The New CD is Nearly Here!

  1. beverly harrelson says:

    oh steph and luke my favorite performers–how can you make me choose between The Game and you two–its the perfect place and could visit my hubbys cousin paul But the game and we have already been invited to a party–we will try for the albuq concert Sigh!!!!!!

  2. Jerry Hobart says:

    Loved your Albuquerque concert — have been listening to “Diamond” ever since. Stephanie, your songs are beautiful and refreshingly different. Luke, you get my vote for instrumentalist of the year — and keep on composing, “Winter’s Waltz” is pure tranquility. Way to go, Phil, your cello is a great addition to an already exquisite sound.

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